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Patience and Granola

November 19, 2009

At a very young age I remember my mom telling me I needed to be more patient.  We always talked about certain traits as things we waited in line for, as if God lines up everyone that is to be born and doles out certain traits.  So when my mom told me I must not have been in the right line for patience, I replied “yea, that line was too long.”  Yes, I was a smart ass from an early age…

I ran out of my favorite Bare Naked granola last week and, with a 9 lb. box of Quaker oats in my pantry (told you I like to buy in bulk), I decided to try to make my own.  I have made granola once before and it was only so-so, but I was determined to master it this time.

I’ve had my eye on Sarah’s recipe for Suite Apple Granola for quite a while, so I tried that on Monday night.  Sarah’s recipe calls for baking the granola at 250 for 90 minutes.   I should have tried that…but instead, my impatient side reared it’s ugly head and I turned the oven up to 300.  I figured it’s still a pretty low temp and I would only bake it for 60 minutes.  Somewhere in between stirring it at 30 minutes and at 50  minutes, my granola got quite crispy.  I  threw out some of the really dark pieces along the edges and put the rest in a container, telling myself that it was just crisp and would be fine in yogurt.  Two days later and I have come to terms with the fact that I burnt the crap out of that granola. 


This morning Tina from Carrots n Cake posted a recipe for her homemade granola.  This one only bakes for 15 minutes so it seemed more up my alley.  I mixed it up and put it in the oven and about 13 minutes later, I had this:


Pretty!  But it was still a little soft and I like a good crunchy granola.  So I mixed in the raisins, and let it sit on the baking pan.  I left the kitchen to do something else because everyone knows watched granola never cools.  Came back 15 minutes later and it’s perfectly crunchy and delicious! 

Maybe someday I’ll have the patience for 90 minute granola, but until then, 15 minutes in the oven and 15 minutes on the counter is all I have time to wait in line for 🙂

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